Steps to Bringing Rubio To Your Event Or Organization


Welcome To The Rubio Method!

We know you’re busy, so we want your experience with us to be as enjoyable as possible. No matter the size or nature of your event, we want to ensure that Rubio delivers the message you need to the people who need to hear it.

We make this process easy and as smooth as possible for you. What does that look like?

  • We use a simple workflow and contract.
  • We can provide you with marketing materials such as fliers or brochures.
  • And if you ever need anything, call us. We’re here to serve you.


What’s in this Package?

  • Steps to Bringing Rubio to Your Event
  • Booking Guidelines
  • Rubio’s Introduction
  • Pre-Event Survey
  • Rubio’s Photo
  • Post-Event Survey

Steps to Bringing Rubio to Your Event

  1. Contact to discuss Rubio’s availability and to custom-craft a message(s) which will best suit your event’s needs. 
  2. Complete and return The Rubio Method’s pre-event questionnaire. 
  3. Finalize the date(s) and contractual terms. We will then generate a contract and e-mail it to you.
  4. Mail the signed contract and your securing deposit (half of honorarium) to our office. The securing deposit is the only way to secure the date.
  5. Within 4 weeks of event, we will contact you to confirm:

      • all travel arrangements
      • accommodations
      • event details and other logistics
      • coordinate a date and time for you to call and speak with Rubio (see below)
  6. Within 2 weeks, conference call with Rubio to review the event and his presentation.
  7. On the day of the event:
    • Rubio is low maintenance and low key.
    • Please have the person who is picking up Rubio at the airport meet him in baggage claim. 
    • When introducing Rubio, please read his entire introduction provide in this package (see next page).
    • Please have balance of payment available upon completion of his services.
  1. After the event, please complete and return The Rubio Method’s post-event survey.

Booking Guidelines

  • An advance deposit is required to secure speaking date(s).
  • To avoid scheduling conflicts, The Rubio Method has final approval of all travel arrangements. Remember, Rubio is coming from a small town so there are not a lot of options. 
  • Client to provide all transportation, lodging, food, and beverage.

Introduction for Rubio

For your audience to get the most from their time with Rubio, we ask that you use the following text when he is introduced at your event. We thank you in advance for your cooperation with this.


From a humble beginning being raised by a single mother 20 miles east of Los Angeles, Rubio (full name is Christopher Rubio but literally no one, nope, not even his wife, calls him Chris) has overcome “setback” after “setback” to always land on his feet.

From being too large to not being able to play football, to not knowing what he was doing when he was allowed to play, to finding a position he never knew of, to earning a full scholarship to UCLA, sports and Rubio have always coexisted, even if not by choice.

By the end of Rubio’s time at UCLA, a back injury ensured NFL dreams were out of the question, so Rubio became a teacher and loved it. But that love affair started slowly and ended once Long Snapping crept back into his life. 

After teaching, Rubio found himself starting an extremely niche business that began with one client and moved quickly to thousands of athletes that have earned hundreds of millions of dollars in scholarships to pretty much every school in the United States of America. 

While this was all happening, Rubio continued to just be himself and it has taken him to being featured in the New York Times, Sports Illustrated, The Washington Post, Freakonomics, The Wall Street Journal, NFL Films, hosting a TV show, having a movie made after him and, of course, being a professional speaker. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Christopher Rubio…